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Escape Rooms

Jester's Revenge

Can you set yourself free from the hands of the Jester? The King's most lauded entertainer has gone insane and locked all the King's nobleman in his chamber. Together, you must reunite and seek a way out in the hour he is gone or you'll be in his possession forever. Will you see the light of day again or be doomed? (Multi-room experience)

  • 4-8 people
  • 60-minute duration
  • $30 per person
  • Always private bookings, no strangers
  • Multi-room experience
  • Family Friendly, Date-Nights, Corporate Events and more

Treasure of the Nation: Halloween Edition

Do you have what it takes to steal the National Treasure from the White House? Grab your best treasure hunters and break into the white house to find the treasure before it gets stolen by the other treasure hunters. Be strategic as you have one hour. Are you brave enough to change history? (HALLOWEEN EDITION FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER - STARTING OCTOBER 17th - FRIENDLY FOR ALL AGES)

  • 2-12 people
  • 60-minute duration
  • $30 per person
  • Always private bookings, no strangers
  • Family Friendly, Date-Nights, Corporate Events and more

How It Works

Locked Up

Locked Up

Each group will have a goal to complete in one hour. Find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the locked room.



You will encounter many fun and challenging puzzles to solve in your quest to escape the room.



Get completely immersed in your surroundings. Feel the real world melt away as your mind focuses on the tasks at hand.



You've found the secrets. You've solved the puzzles. Your last task is to escape the room before time runs out!

How It Works

What To Expect


Puzzle-God? First-Timer? Everyone will be able to play a key role.


Sometimes even escape room bosses like you need help. Don't worry, we've got your back if you get stuck.


Escape rooms are the perfect way to bond as a team.


Find the clues. Solve the puzzles. Escape the room before time runs out.


A truly unique experience that will leave you reliving key moments with your friends for days to come.


Don't be a fail whale—try your hardest to get out of the room in time.

What To Expect


Common questions and answers
  • Are the rooms private?

    Yes! We won't pair you up with any strangers. That would be weird. Your room is booked exclusively for you and your group only!

  • Can I bring extra people?

    You are welcome to add more people at any time. We can take payment beforehand over the phone or even at the time you arrive for your game.

  • Are your rooms scary?

    Nope. Our rooms are not scary at all. They were designed with all ages and people in mind.

  • When should I arrive?

    Arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled booking is ideal. Games must start on-time, so if you show up late, you may be forced to play your game with less time.

  • Can I bring my personal items into the room?

    We have a locker for you and your group to store your personal belongings in during your game. This includes all mobile devices. The locker will remain locked and you will be given the key while you play your game.

  • Is it okay if I've had some drinks before coming?

    First of all, we hope that you are drinking responsibly! No. 1 Escapes does have the right to refuse service to anyone that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is done for the safety of yourself, our staff, and other guests in attendance.

  • Can I book a room for just 2 people?

    Treasure of the Nation room is now open for 2 person bookings (perfect for date nights)! Although it is recommended to bring more people. The minimum for Jester's Revenge is 4 people as it is a multi-room experience.

  • How do I reserve a room?

    The fastest and easiest way is right through our online booking portal. It shows all available time slots in a convenient calendar. If booking online isn't your thing, feel free to call us at (949) 491-1400 and we can help you get your reservation set over the phone.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18+. Children 4 and under are not permitted.

  • Is this a good place for a birthday party?

    Absolutely, we host birthday parties all the time. We even like to put a special No. 1 Escapes touch in the planning to express our birthday wishes.

  • Can my company book a corporate event?

    Yes, we frequently work with companies to help organize and handle the logistics for their corporate events. Reach out to us, and see how we can help.

  • What is your refund/cancellation policy?

    Since bookings actively remove slots from our availability, we have a strict no refund policy for any cancellations that occur less than 48 hours to your scheduled visit. Instead of cancelling, try rescheduling to a better time. We will try our best to accommodate a change in schedule.

  • Can a wheelchair access the space?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs. We are located on a second story suite and stairs are the only way up.